Engraving Scottish Clan Crests

Scottish Clan Crests

Heraldic and Scottish clan crests can be engraved on glass and crystal items to create unique, desirable gifts and awards that will treasured by the fortunate recipient.  

Most Scottish Clan Crests can be accurately and expertly reproduced using Clan Crest images from an extensive library of Scottish Clan Crests for a small notional cost.  If the Clan Crest is not in the library, it can be researched and drawn.

For Scottish Clan Crests, the official crests, as recognised by the office of the Lord Lyon, Scotland's principal Officer of Arms are recorded in the Lyon Register.  This register, created in 1672, is one of the most comprehensive records of heraldic Arms in the World.

Clan crests can be engraved on glass or crystal awards, wine glasses, champagne glasses, decanters, bowls, vases, trophies, tankards, photo frames, whisky sets, jugs, carafes, plates, coasters and paperweights to create long lasting, sought-after personalised gifts. 

Unique handmade crystal ice block engraved with a clan crest
Entitlement to wear Scottish Clan Crest badges for Clan members

Brief Background 

In Scotland a Coats of Arms or full Heraldic Achievement is granted to an individual and is hereditary, usually passing to the eldest son.  There are no family Coats of Arms in Scotland.  Other clan members may be entitled to bear the arms and are called Armigers but nobody else is entitled to bear the arms.  

However, other clan members are entitled, indeed encouraged, to wear the Clan Crest usually a strap and buckle design with the Chief's crest in the centre surrounded by a strap and buckle featuring the clan motto. This can be worn on the cap, kilt pin or plaid brooch, used on stationery or engraved on awards, coasters, paperweights, decanters, whisky sets etc.

The Clan Chief wears 3 feathers in the Clan Crest, Chieftains may wear two feathers and Armigers one feather.  Other clan members may wear and use the strap and buckle design without feathers. 

Spreading the Word

Nowadays, most Clan Chiefs actively encourage clan members to use the Clan Crest and it is not unusual to find the Clan Crest being used extensively to personalise gifts, awards and mementoes which are, accordingly, far more highly valued by the recipient.  Rock tablets and Ice Blocks are handmade, so each piece is unique and can beautifully enhanced with a Clan Crest engraving. Traditional Scottish gifts such as Whisky sets or Decanters can be engraved with the Clan Crest turning an already special gift into a family heirloom or, for the more creatively minded, a Clan Crest engraved onto a Christmas Tree decoration or Perfume Bottle can produce next year's big Christmas talking point.

Lead crystal glass paperweight with heraldic crest engraved on it
Scottish Clan Crest engraved on handmade unique rock crystal tablet