What is the difference between 'Plain', 'Fully Cut' and 'Panelled'?

PlainUnderstandably, many customers think 'plain' means an engraving or decorating option is not available but in fact, the very opposite is true.  'Plain' items are clear glass or crystal where the engraved panel draws the eye as a contrast to the surrounding clear glass.  So, when you see options for 'Plain', 'Panelled' or 'Fully Cut', please don't dismiss the plain option, since many of the most striking engravings, inscriptions, logos, images and decoration are on 'plain' glass and crystal, as on the decanter on the right.  

The image on the right is a 'plain' 800ml Orbit Crystal Spirit Modern Decanter, expertly engraved with the Academy crest and motto.  It also has a personal message for the retiring Head of Languages and an appropriate heartfelt message in French: 'Sans toi la vie ne sera plus le meme' which translates as: 'Without you life will never be the same'.  Wouldn't anybody treasure such a beautiful, personalised, crystal glass gift engraved with such a touching message? Surely, the perfect retirement present or gift


Panelled - Panelled glass or crystal items are decoratively cut to enhance the play of light on the glass or crystal surfaces but have a panel left untouched on the surface which can be engraved with a suitable message or image, or often both.  This enables the item to be personalised for the recipient, or for it to reflect a particular event, competition or achievement.

The classic, timeless, part cut, lead crystal bowl on the right is a great example of a 'panelled' engraved sports trophy.  In this case, the panel has a crossed tennis racquets with tennis balls logo and is engraved with the title of the Championship event.  

This 'panelled' effect can be used on decanters, wine glasses, champagne glasses, whisky glasses, brandy glasses, tumblers, jugs, bowls and vases to create treasured, retirement gifts, 'thank you' presents, achievement awards, wedding, anniversary, birthday and other event gifts, as well as corporate awards.

Crystal bowl with panel for engraving

Fully Cut - Fully cut glass or crystal items are exactly as described where virtually all the exposed decorative surface is cut with an attractive pattern.  Glass can be cut but crystal and, particularly, lead crystal, are softer and easier to cut.  

Fully Cut crystal or glass creates brilliant, sparkling effects as each facet or cut reflects and refracts light, enabling items to be seen at their most beautiful.  Often used as display items, fully cut crystal gifts are highly desirable.

Brandy glass fully cut lead crystal Fully cut crystal vase


Fully cut lead crystal whisky set with decanter and lgasses on tray